Malayalee’s behavior specialties


Staring or Stalking: It doesn’t matter who the victim is – men or women, adult or kid, everyone gets the stare. But as usual it will be the women! And whoever it is, eve teasers or people from big families, men and women, old or young – everyone stares! It makes you feel as if you are a film star! Even unknown people stare at you as if they know you very well. It might get you thinking why they could be staring at you, is it because you are too beautiful or too ugly? Is there something wrong with my attire? What could be the reason? Are they thinking about something we said or did? Or are they trying to scare you? The usual norm is that we look at a person and check if we know him or her and if not we don’t look further. But here if anything comes in front of their eyes it is as if they have the full right to scan that person from top to bottom till they are satisfied. They don’t even think if this makes the other person uncomfortable or not. Usually when we see a film star we stare at them. But the funny thing is that here even the film stars stare back at you! I saw one or two at a wedding and I have experienced it myself. As a teenager I used to think the guys are staring at me because I am too beautiful and I will soon get a proposal in a day or two. But nothing like that happened. Better learn to ignore a malayalee’s stare and don’t try to think why they could be staring otherwise you cannot live here peacefully!

Those who are successful gets surrounded by friends and relatives and for those who are failures no one is there for them. This is true around the world but for malayalees it is true even down to the near families – own mother, father, sister and brother!

People are very much interested in others lives, what they are studying, when they are getting married, when they are getting kids etc etc. and everyone follows that too to keep up with their expectations!

If they see us doing something good, they try to imitate us, which will get to our nerves! But don’t keep on thinking about them, because the time which could be spent to think about ourselves will be wasted on unnecessary things!

They try to seek your help pretending that they are in need of help but indeed they are already self sufficient and have everything they need. I think they do this so that nobody asks them for any help or so that others don’t feel jealous of them!

Malayalees always fear to do new things or things that they believe is right. They always follow what others do or what the society does. They fear if they do something different they are going to be punished or something and those who do something different they look at them as if they have done some crime.

They treat you as if you are a fool. Their actions are like saying ‘hey, you are a fool!’ This might get you thinking ‘am I really a fool?’ But don’t get yourself carried away by this. Just accept it in front of them, forget it and do your own thing.

At home, men can say whatever that comes to their filthy mouth to the women in the house, be it their mother, wife, sister or daughter. But if they reciprocate they will be put in mental hospital! (What an easy way of life!)

Moral Policing: Their favourite past time in their otherwise boring lives. They just love saying ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that, Do this, Do that!’ to, it doesn’t matter whoever comes in their way! Usually and mostly women are the obvious victims of this! I don’t understand why they are so much interested in controlling others’ lives! Why can’t they just mind their own businesses? Believe me, life will be much better, even for them, if they stop trying to control others!

In church:

In women’s side only women should be there. In men’s side only men should be there. No matter there is how much ever space in men’s side, women get tightly packed in women’s side! There is usually lot of space in men’s side because usually men come to church less.

Women like to sit always touching each other’s shoulder in church. I think that gives them more comfort.

No matter how much is the temperature in the church above 50 degrees also, people sit and pray loudly though inside their blood is boiling. And they take the anger out after mass.

I feel malayalee’s spirituality is due to some fear. They pray because they fear something or someone that if they don’t pray they will get punished or something. Their spirituality is not coming from their heart and not genuine and not because they love Jesus truly and deeply.

But remember! In spite of all this, don’t treat a malayalee as a fool. Never under estimate a malayalee. This doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent. These are just their mannerisms. They are very smart in getting their thing.


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