Great dialogues and songs from DDLJ in English



Raj: I love you Simran..

(laughs out loud)

Just look at your face! Oh come on! You’ve known me all these days and still not understood me? Remember once I told you I have never been serious in my entire life!

Simran: This is just too much!

Raj: Oh this love etc is not my thing. You know, till now I have not figured out how a man can spend his entire life with a single girl! In this world there are many, many pretty girls. Some have beautiful eyes, some have pretty lips, others have good hair.

Raj: Ok Simran, leave all that. Imagine that you met someone in this trip, and you fell in love with him.. anyone.. ok, me. You have fallen in love with me and I have also started loving you. Then what will you do? Will you go back and marry that stranger or will you have the guts to love me? What will you do?

(The bus horn blows)

Simran: I don’t want to miss the bus again.

Raj: But I want you to miss the bus again and again.

Simran: What?

(she leaves)

Raj: (says to himself) Raj, if she loves you, she will turn and look at you once. Turn.. Turn..

(she turns)

(Both gives a meaningful smile to each other)

Pops: What is the name of the girl?

Raj: Simran. Uh.. Which girl Pops?

Pops: The one whose face you are searching in the moon?

Raj: (laughs) Come on Pops, you know me very well. I am not the one who will go crazy behind one girl.

Pops: Ah, yes, I forgot. Some have beautiful lips, some have pretty eyes etc etc.

Raj: Exactly.

Pops: Exactly. Uh.. Where does she live?

Raj: Who Pops?

Pops: She, Simran?

Raj: (laughs) I don’t know.

Pops: How is she?

Raj: Very sweet.

Pops: Hmm.. Then what is the problem?

Raj: The problem is, Pops.. that she is already engaged to marry.


Simran: We have to elope, Raj. We have to!

Raj: I have not come here to steal you or to elope with you. I have come here to make you my bride. And I will take you away only when your father himself gives your hand in marriage to me.

Raj: Do you love me?

Simran: More than anyone.

Raj: Do you trust me?

Simran: More than myself.

Raj: Always keep this in mind. I have come here only for you. And until you become mine forever I am not going anywhere.


Simran’s mother: You don’t know my husband!

Raj: (smiles) Your husband doesn’t know me!

If I’d wanted to elope with Simran I could have done that long back. But I don’t want to snatch her from you, but win her. I want to take her with me after being able to meet my eyes with yours. Now that I have come I will go away only when I have my bride with me.  I will go only when her father gives her hand in marriage to me.


Raj: Tell me one thing father. Do you find the pigeons of London any different from those here?
Simran’s father: (smiles) Yes, I do.

Here the pigeons know me, recognizes me. They belong to my soil. There the pigeons are also strangers.

Raj: But it could also be that the difference is only in your perception. Maybe one of the pigeons from here could have flown there, one that belongs to your soil, knows you, and recognizes you and maybe you are the one who’s failed to recognize it?


Simran’s poem:

It’s happened to me for the first time

In seventeen, eighteen years

Someone who’s unseen and unknown

Started coming in my thoughts.

In the windows of my eyes,

He moves like a shadow.

On the doors of my heart,

He knocks and goes away.

Deep, black eyes

Asks me

On the lines of my palms

He’s become a face.

His breath

Touches my cheeks like silk.

The smell of his hands

Is still in my hair.

Yes, (It’s..)

When I met you I realized

That love is crazy.

Now where will I go from here?

I would rather die in your arms.

My eyes are full of your dreams.

My heart full of your memories.

Now what is there left for me that is mine?

Everything is yours.

My life is yours, my breath is yours.

In my eyes came your desire.

All my sorrows now started smiling. (When..)

I don’t find interest in anything now a days.

What will I say? What will I do?

Just keep sitting in front of me.

I will keep looking at you.

You called me and here I came.

What’s a bigger promise than love? (When..)


The one who comes in my thoughts

The one who comes, teases me and goes away

Someone tell him to please come in front of me.

How is he? Who is he? Who knows where he is!

For whom my lips always says ‘yes’.

Is he mine or a stranger?

Is he real or just a tale?

He stalks me from a far off place

Someone tell him to please come in front of me. (The..)

The one who’s spread everywhere like a magic.

What can I do, my heart’s started dancing.

He says he is crazy about me.

Then why does he stay so silent?

He’s made a mistake.

He’s brought me flowers.

Someone tell him to bring me the moon! (The..)


I don’t know what’s happened to my heart.

It was here a moment ago, but now lost.
You are in love, my sweetheart.

Even if you decline it a thousand times.

This is love indeed.

You didn’t turn to look at me even once.

I was waiting there for you for some time.
My heart wanted to stop you,

But by the time you had gone very far.

What’s happened? I don’t know

Why is my heart so crazy? (You..)

Hey time, stop.

Please run backwards.

Where I have left myself behind

It’s still staying there looking back at you.

Where am I? Where are you?

What magic is this? (You..)


Keep the henna applied on your hands.

Keep the chariot decorated.

To take you away, oh beauty

Your groom is coming. (Keep..)

Keep your head band decorated.

Keep your face covered.

The secret in your heart,

Keep it hidden. (Keep..)

The flying hair of yours

What signs does it show?

Holding their hearts

Are standing all the unmarried lovers

All the pretty girls are silent

Staying in the house out of shyness.

All the crazy people from town

Have come to the village. (Keep..)

Keep your eyes bowed

Hold your pallu.

To take you away, oh beauty

Your groom is coming.

I am a young man

You a pretty lady

If the hearts starts becoming restless

How can it be my fault?

You should have controlled your heart

This body is magical

If the magic works out

How can it be my fault? (Keep..)

Keep expecting.

Keep the doors open.

To take you away, oh beauty

Your groom is coming

Now don’t say anything

Now don’t do anything

The secret in your heart

Keep it hidden. (Keep..)


Pops: What do you do in London?
Preeti’s father: In London, I do…
Preeti’s mother: Uh? London?
Preeti’s father: Uh? Just leave London, I only believe that go East, go West, Punjab is the best!
(Raj comes in)
Pops: Oh Raj, I have made everything alright. I have fixed your marriage.

Pops: So you are going to marry Preeti and Kuljeeth is Preeti’s brother and he is going to marry Simran? And you don’t love Preeti, but Simran. Then what was this Preeti doing in London?
Raj: Pops, Simran was in London, not Preeti.
Pops: Ah Simran! But who is this Simran??
Raj: Pops, please stop thinking.

(Pops opens the door, Preeti stands at the door)
Pops: Simran!
Raj: (whispers) Preeti!
Pops: Ah, Preeti! Come in, come in, please sit.
Raj: Bye Pops!
Preeti: Tomorrow is karwa chauth
Pops: What’s it?
Raj: Karwa chauth, Pops!
Pops: Ah ok,
Preeti: I want to fast for him. Can I?
Pops: Yeah, of course you can. What is the problem in it?
Raj: Pops, karwa chauth!
Pops: Karwa chauth? Oh no, no, never!
Preeti: Why?
Pops: Why? (turns to Raj)
In our side, girls keeping fast before marriage is treated as a bad omen.
Raj: Bye, Pops.



Raj: Uh.. Beer? L..L..L.. Lassi! This is Lassi. You want lassi?

(Says to himself) Son Raj, nothing is going to happen here for you. You better get going!


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